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July 5, 2011


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I am a huge fan of this tea blend. As you so eloquently put it, this tea is uplifting and refreshing. It taste great iced, creating a cool splash of energy. I would also recommend the guayusa spice. It has warm flavors of cinnamon and lemongrass, a perfect beverage for those wintry days.
Another nice thing about the Runa company is that they work directly with the indigenous farmers that gather the guayusa leaf. And, they are almost Fair Trade Certified. So you can sip your tea knowing you are helping people in Ecuador.


Jem, Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful comment. I can't wait to try the guayusa spice tomorrow. And yes, the fact that Runa works with indigenous farmers and that they are almost Fair Trade Certified makes sipping that much nicer!

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