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October 21, 2011


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It may not be just a fall tea, but I always take great comfort in a cup of Earl Grey. The aroma is wonderful.

Amanda Feifer

I'm back to my fall standbys: Earl grey and chamomile. The bergamot oil (and caffeine) give me that little kick to get through days with more dark than light and the chamo really helps soothe me through the busy and stressful fall months. I already miss my cold brews!!!

Jen Musumeci

Favorite fall tea...Trader Joe's Ruby Red Chai - w/ a little almond milk & honey!


The 'Balance' tea from Premium Steap is one of my favorites. It's sweet yet invigorating, and the perfect cup of tea on an autumn evening! (http://www.premiumsteap.com/p-99-balance.aspx)


Mmm... I love Tazo Passion tea. It always makes me think of fall.

Lisa Kunizaki

My favorite fall tea will always be some variety of puerh. It is so rich and complex in flavor and transforms with each steep. I prefer the aged raw puerh because its always comforting; just knowing its more han 10 years old is so nostaligic and whimsical. Nothing beats a steeping of a good puerh.


I have to say Fall always brings on the spiciness of nutmeg, cinnamon and pumpkin and I crave Chai Tea almost every day. I've liked the Tazo Organic Chai Tea, but have been on the lookout for other options that are a little stronger. So delicious and warm, it makes me want to cozy up with a good book and not get anything accomplished!


Anything spice! Orange spice, or cinnamon! Warms you in the fall :)

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