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September 22, 2010


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There are many great tea quotes, and even quite a few good ones on probably my fave tv show of all time, Buffy, granted that one of the main characters is British (Giles). Here is one that I picked out that I thought embodied a few things about tea (it's a brief dialogue):

Xander: "Here's your coffee, brewed from the finest Columbian lighter fluid."
Giles: "Thank you. Horrible."
Xander: "Aren't you supposed to be drinking tea, anyway?"
Giles: "Tea is soothing. I wish to be tense."
Xander: "OK. But you're destroying a perfectly good cultural stereotype here."

(I'm signed in as @mytweenpoetry here, but Alexis, you may better remember me better by my joint account @thesadeianwoman)

Philadelphia, PA 19114


thanks for sharing this fabulous tea dialogue! I can't wait to send you your Steeped In Beauty gift bag.



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