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October 27, 2010


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Drinking rose tea during high tea at the Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong, oh what luxury...
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My favorite tea memory was actually from about 5 years ago when I visited my aunt on the west coast. She has the most beautiful kitchen...warm yellow walls with white trim...and we sat there enjoying cups of tea and small cookies and breads and we were talking about how my grandmother, her mom, had always wanted to fly to the west coast and visit her and how she was unable to in her lifetime, but how it felt, in that moment, that she was there with us. It was a warm feeling.


My dearest "Grannie Grunt" and I would walk down to the brook, carrying parasols of burdock leaves, to have tea with the fairies and water nymphs who lived under the bridge. We always had cookies and bread and butter with our tea. We would send a few of the cookies on a leaf down the brook, as the nymphs were very shy. She was a wonderful grandmother, so willing to enter into imagination.


Yummy, i didnt know these pillows existed, but i'd surely love to take a little nap on one of those!
Tea memory? My dad's earlgrey leftovers i would steal as a little girl, and would pretend to be an old lady drinking tea with my dolls... writing this story i can still remember the scent of the cold tea...


My favorite tea memory involves putting together the favors for my wedding reception, which was loose leaf tea. My best friend and I made a blend for the occasion and sat around in her kitchen drinking samples and putting the tea in the little satchels my mom had made for me (over 200 of them!).


Just recently I was lucky enough to attend a Japanese tea ceremony; it was very beautiful, each movement so carefully orchestrated and performed. And the tea was delicious!


One of my favorite tea memories was when I was in a chinese restaurant in Toronto and had the usual free servings of green tea that comes with the order . They never add sugar in it and I ended up drinking the whole teapot . The same things happen when I went to a Pho Vietnamese restaurant and a Korean one where they serve cold barley tea , as well as Japanese .

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I have many tea memories but perhaps my fave is sitting on the train platform for the only late train in Japanese history - and drinking green tea from a vending machine and still loving where I was.... (you have my email-address)


My favorite tea memory as of late begins poorly but ends well. We were rejected from tea at the Peninsula in Hong Kong because despite my blouse and skirt, I was wearing Chacos which were incorrectly classified as beach sandals. We instead had an amazing tea at the nearby Sheraton!

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