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June 10, 2011


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Jo Johnson

I don't have a recipe although the most refreshing and my favorite iced tea is a blend from a company called Blessed Botanicals.
Tara's "Wise Woman" blend is wonderful iced on a hot June day.

Kelly Handlovitch

I love to add mint leaves to my home brewed iced tea. It gives it a fresh minty tinge of taste to my tea. I sun brew my tea out in the yard and then while its still warm, I add the leaves. I do take them out after about 12 hrs of soaking so the mint flavor doesnt get too strong.

courtney H

I make hot tea. I always drink green tea which is supposed to be really good for you. Instead of sugar, I use honey in the tea while its still warm I add the honey and stir. Then I dont have to add sugar. Mmmmm MMmmmmm Good!


My favorite iced tea recipe is to take a large pot of water, and add 5-6 PG tips teabags after boiling. steep for a long time (i usually forget about it for at least 45 minutes). I like it as strong as possible to hold up to the ice. for those that like to sweeten it, i make a simple syrup- simmer one cup water and one cup sugar until dissolved and cool. add it to each glass to taste. I'll sometimes add a knob of ginger to the syrup while simmering, for some zing! teahappiness at gmail dot com

Julia E

I really enjoy iced green tea with mint, so I often just brew the green tea and sweeten with a bit of honey. Then I let it cool until almost room temperature, add some ice, and store it in the fridge with fresh mint twigs in the pitcher. I also love iced ginger tea, and in that case, I use white tea along with honey and ginger. It's cold and nasty again this weekend here in Boston, but I have been daydreaming of iced tea lately. Hope I can enjoy some soon!

Christine Miller

My favorite iced tea is taking a good black tea like Ceylon Sonata and mixing it a raspberry or mango herbal blend. Make it with twice as much tea and steep for 20+ minutes to make it strong. Add ice and enjoy!

My second favorite iced tea is definitely chai. Cook it on the stove for 15 minutes, let it chill, and then add cold almond milk.

-millerc72 at gmail dot com


My current favorite iced tea is a shaken iced matcha that I now make at home using two chashaku scoops of matcha and ice water, shaken together in a chilled shaker, and served over ice. Especially good on a steamy day in NYC.

p.s. You are a natural on camera!


In a saucepan add 1 qt. water & mint sprigs. Mix in 1/2 to 1 cup sugar. Bring to a boil on medium heat. Then remove from heat and add 6 tea bags for 10 minutes. Pour liquid and mint in a pitcher with ice. Yumm! I have some made today :)

Lu Ann

I love some southern sweet tea, and some cool mint tea. They also go great mixed together with an added lemon if you'd like the extra zing taste on a warm summer day! :)
theteacupoflife at gmail dot com


this is a hard decision, but I would say my favourite berry fusion iced tea with a bit of sugar and fresh fruit.


My favorite iced tea from last summer was to steep orange tea until very strong, add a splash of cranberry juice (the real, unsweetened stuff), honey to taste, and chill. Yum - I wish it would stop raining and get warm here again!


mmm. peppermint tea with mango, chilled.

Lyndie Sanders

I like to start with making sun tea when it is about done I add some lemon,strawberry or peach or blackberries slices to it in the last hour of basking in the sun.Fill my favorite mason jar with ice and add the fresh tea...enjoy

Anonymous Heart

My favorite iced sip combines jasmine tea with fresh ginger simmered in boiling water. Once cooled, I squeeze in fresh lime juice for a bright citrus burst and a swirl of agave. You can also add some muddled cantaloupe cubes at the bottom, for a fruity afterglow.

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