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July 12, 2011


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amanda jane

This looks delicious!


thanks Amanda! it really is delicious. have you ever had a tea-infused jelly?


I would totally spoon into a jar of sencha cherry jam!


Glad to hear that your taste buds are on the same page as mine. Time to make that jelly...


I saw this recipe over on Marisa's blog. I had a batch of blackberries that needed to be used up today and I tired this recipe. I swapped out the oolong for a nice strong Earl Gray. I used loose leaf and made my own tea bags for it. The flavors of the blackberries and Earl Gray together are fantastic.

Would an Assam work with peaches? I have some peaches to work with and a bit of Assam to try.


Yum! I need to try Earl Grey and Blackberry jam. Did you taste bergamot?

I think an assam would work very well with peaches. Considering that it is often the black tea base for Chai, maybe you could add some cinnamon and nutmeg when cooking the peaches for a spicy peach, black tea jelly. let me know how it tastes :)

Peach tea

Amazing peach & orchid oolong tea jelly with food in jars, It sounds delicious !!

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