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April 17, 2012


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Oh my goodness, this sounds so good! Definitely need to try this asap. Thanks for sharing!

Hibiscus Tea Lover

What a lovely idea to put marshmallows in tea. Hmm - I think I'll have to try it - I wonder what marshmallow would taste like with hibiscus tea or hibiscus green tea. I imagine it would smooth out the hibiscus flavor . . .


This looks so pretty and yummy :3 I wish Whimsy&Spice's marshmallows were sold locally in Chicago!

Summer Teas

Your tea sounds absolutely yummy! Warm and rich and comforting.

Right now I'm looking for wonderful brews for hot summer days (or nights), and your marshmallow idea got me daydreaming about tea around a campfire with marshmallows floating on top. Do you know of anyone who has tried this?

Nancy Lemon (@MagillLiL)

Wow, I didn't know tea got this...intricate. There's layers in them there cups!
What a beautiful website.


All I have to say to this post is that I think I love you.

Gen mai cha, coconut black, and marshmallow. I'm walking toward the light right now.

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