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January 8, 2013


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I would definitely make my chai shortbread with this tasty blend!

Oh, also making these muffins ASAP.



I love making oatmeal cookies with chai tea, and I'd love to try your muffins.

millerc72 at gmail


Would definitely make cocoa Chai tea and pear gelato!


I'd make some good chocolate chai lattes to go with those chai pear muffins, as suggested!

Megan Alkins

I would make chocolate, chai tea cookies! Yum



I would probably make chai tea cakes out of it!

stonedimmaculate at gmail dot com

Mary Caliendo

I would definitely make the chai pear muffins~ because they sound so yummy and I happen to love muffins!

Lindsey Love

I would make a pound cake with chai buttercream. Infusing the chai flavors in both cake and icing would add a beautiful dimension to an otherwise ordinary treat!


I would make chai banana bread out of this tea! Yummy!


Thank you all for entering the cacao chat tea giveaway contest and for sharing such delightful chai recipe ideas. Congrats to Christine, Jodie and Lindsey! I've sent you 3 an email with further instructions. Stay tuned for another upcoming contest!

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